A Product by ThinkSys

About Us

ThinkSys Inc built Krypton as a need for one of its fortune 1000 customer to be able to create 6,000 test cases on top of Selenium without having to hire Java Programmers and having to teach them Selenium. This was in the early days of Selenium.

Having used this framework for many of our customers including adding plugins to support our partners and more, we realized that the best use of this framework is in the hands of a larger community.
ThinkSys is a Software Development and QA Services company. More details can be found at www.thinksys.com

Krypton Philosophy

A profoundly customizable open source formulated to cure the most sinful pit holes prevalent in today’s world of IT agile methodologies: The Regressions, which make even a flawless project, collapse. Krypton’s open & extensible framework architecture is apt for parallel and distributed test suite execution; therefore, greatly improving time for test cycle completion. It not only improves efficiency of functional, integration and regression test executions, but also enhances test coverage by comprehensive logging/reporting feature.
Commercial frameworks are highly priced and often require vendor support and can be overrated for a given requirement. If requested a new feature, it takes months to be implemented and are later announced in releases. Also, any requested feature takes months to be implemented and sometimes a whole test suite package, an expensive one, containing a variety of tools for different testing needs are sold. Also, as said, quality frameworks are
the foundation for the modern Web, but framework developers often don’t have the resources to test across browsers. The much economical, in fact free, alternative is the Krypton Open Source Framework which with all its top notch features is a ‘win win’ pact.
Using an automation tool already? With a variety of testing frameworks available, organisations/ individuals shift to many tools as per project’s needs. So it’s very important to have the above said feature in our testing tool to manage the requirements and issue tracking processes and to ensure adequate test coverage, Krypton comes with Test Management Tools integration. That way one can maintain all requirements, test cases and defects in a single place.